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The Weather

Is a very real crucial subject that can help, ruin our day and events or awake us in a floating situation. Many chaotic natural disasters and situations were caused by the weather. Not many people pay attention to weather forecasts which is and should play an important indicator in our lives. An example of who didn’t pay much attention to the weather is when we look and study at the disaster the people of China had to suffer although ample signs and warnings were aired. Continuous severe heavy snowfalls called “China’s freakish weather in five decades” not only affected about 80 million people but had crippled the country’s power and transportation lines. A death toll of about 60 had been reported with at least USD 7.5 billion damages to property.

In recent years, Indonesia herself was not spared with heavy continuous monsoon rains, hitting cities so hard, causing massive floods. Poor city roads and no standard drainage planning have often left communities knee high with flooded dirty rain water. The failure to standardized essential safety city planning occurred because modernization grew too rapidly without the checks and rechecks of its initial city planners blueprints. Floods into Jakarta also gore in from its interrelated area Bogor.

Therefore, I, encourage and remind everyone, when you see/read the weather forecasts on Television, the internet or hear about it on the Radio, don’t just walk away and treat the forecasts like a commercial, to go to the loo or raid the refrigerator (Yes, I have spend time and observation on this), pay attention to it.

Important items that one should always keep in premises and even in the homes, of course are umbrellas, Wellington boots and raincoats. Don’t just buy a gold bracelet or expensive watch; buy a rubber raft boat any size will do and safety floats, in case of floods. Don’t just wait for the government or rescue workers to come, because many a times, help often reaches an area too late. In the event that government aid does finally arrive, let our poorer fellow earthlings be safe first- Society first, before one self. Politicians often fail to make The Weather an important issue and budgetary one. However, you can see them on the news whenever disaster strikes, donating or giving aid to the poor that has now lost lives and the little they owned.  

When we have learn to pay attention to the weather, we will be better prepared should disaster strike or as that funny phrase puts it, “before dung hits the fan”.

Thank you

Loreen Neville Djunaidi

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