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The Publisher’s note: for April 1st 2009 

Well, well, soon it will be April 2009 and as I sit quietly in my tiny corner writing and initially designing the web contents for the web master, watching BBC world news, my heart is so sad upon hearing the devastating news of yet another disaster that occurred in Jakarta, the Killer Cireundeu from that Channel.

A death causing incident, waiting to happen and the persons who should take full responsibility is the government. Please spare a moment of silence for the victims and their families.  

When our reporters went down to the scene to collect information and photography, I was shock to hear that this catastrophe involving so many lives was looked upon as opportunity to campaign for the April 2009 parliamentary elections. The Golkar party had four water trucks not at the location but near by with slogans that read, prove it not just promises. Some wearing golkar jackets at the site guaranteed that if they were elected this would never have happened! How misleading for aren’t they in parliament now? The current vice president Yusuf Kalla is he not from Golkar? It is a pity that Yusuf be running for President under the Golkar banner, they should have elected Surya Paloh instead. People have yet to forget the Lapindo Incident. Golkar will definitely not be getting my presidential vote. Currently I am torn between either re-voting for SBY again or I might change my vote to Gerindra, we’ll see.        

Tuning in to a happier mode, I am sincerely surprise to receive mails from students living in boarding homes from the University of Indonesia or UI. For sure I know my work is read by diplomats, expatriates and executives, governments, the secret services ha, Washington, the medias and at least 89 percent readers are from or base in Indonesia. I know that my favorite presenter Bill O’Reilly from Fox News knows about me and my work. I don’t have any proof but I know the feeling especially when he talks parallel as though to me via TV. People might think I’m mad but I feel it. In addition the emails I sent to him, he replies it via TV without saying to whom. So cool huh and what an inspiration! I really love Bill and his work. He always makes sense and can handle it all even when hate is thrown at him. Bill is one of the very few stars that actually read all emails addressed to him.

But for sure I did not expect that the UI students would browse Roving Insight site domain.

SO, Hey, Hello how are you and thanks for the mails, I appreciate your kind sentiments. Yes I will show you a technique how to steam fish when you don’t have a steamer. Because of your group, I intend to start a column for desserts and snack recipes that even you can afford. I have already a couple of recipes made and I will publish it for you, soon.

In response to your questions, yes I am originally a Singaporean, a Eurasian by race, migrated to Indonesian by order of marriage. Yes like you mention, along with my migration I have brought along my culture and heritage. At the same time I have been always adapting to the Indonesian culture but I definitely won’t adopt her undisciplined street manners, its terrible, Good Lord and dirty. Overall, I enjoy living here because I was fortunate enough to have met so many well cultured and honest Indonesian friends. Apart from that I managed to stay sane with the community of Rovers. Great bunch of people!  

I also like to say hello and thank you to the communication department of Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta. Yes, I received information through the grape vine that all of you enjoyed reading and learning the recipes from, “In the kitchen”. You mentioned that you do not really know if the taste of the recipes that you have tried to make, tastes the same as mine? Well, if it tastes good and the colors are as close as the photographs, then you’ve got it.  I also like to say that I enjoy the cuisines in your hotel, especially the Chinese restaurant. Oh yes, I have been going to Shangri-la Hotel.

Guess I have got to get back to work and problems. Till I appear again, take care, God bless you all and happy cooking.

Yours Loreen Neville



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