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Optomizing Palm Oil Industry

Wednesday May 21st, 2008


Indonesia has benefited from being the biggest palm oil producer while CPO price increase sharply in the global market. In the end of 2007, there were 6.6 million hectares of oil palm plantation with total production of around 17 million ton while the average price was USD 780 per ton. In 2008, CPO price will be still interesting. Increasing demand from India and China and also concerning on bio­fuel will promote the increase on CPO in global market. In 2007, palm oil contributed 25% of world vegetable oil production, while soybean oil remained at 24%. Considering issue related to global food resilience and increase demand for biodiesel, in the future it is predicted that global demand for palm oil will continue to increase or at least remains high. Indonesia exported palm oil to EU, India, Cina, Pakistan, Mid East, Japan, and other 150 countries.[More...]

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